About The Company

Kennedy Building is an innovative building company specialising in beautiful functional new builds and high-quality renovations across the wider Dunedin area.

They have completed over 23 new homes, various high-quality renovations, and other projects with many satisfied customers.

Throughout their work, Kennedy Building have refined the process of working with clients to listen and understand exactly what their needs and requirements are. They take their clients’ ideas, draw them onto paper, and refine them to tailor a project that will build their dream into a reality.

About The Director

Jake Kennedy


Hi I’m Jake,

Managing Director of Kennedy Building Ltd.

I was born and bred in Dunedin. Growing up, my parents invested everything into buying our family farm, leaving us with not much except for our bare hands and a can do attitude.

Most weekends we worked hard on the farm. We built shelters and fences to bring it up to a working farm. It was my first taste of building and I was totally smitten.

After high school, I attended Otago Polytech where I completed the pre-trade carpentry course before starting a professional building apprenticeship.

I started my apprenticeship with a shed building company based in Dunedin. The team travelled around Otago building a range of high standard quality sheds.

I then moved onto another reputable building company in Dunedin specialising in high-end architectural new builds and quality renovations.

I thoroughly enjoyed being part of these projects. My drive and commitment allowed me to become extremely skilled and professional. I had the opportunity to run some of these projects myself during my apprenticeship.

After a few years in the building industry, I decided to take a break to fulfil my dream of flying helicopters. I gained my Commercial Helicopter pilot license and started an apprenticeship in commercial flying. I continued in this industry for 5 years, during which time I flew and ground assisted in a range of fields including search and rescue, agricultural and firefighting.

Thanks to my background in building, I was the official builder within our team. During the quiet seasons, I would design and project manage important building works including altering the hangar and building a new office. I even built my own house at nights and on weekends.

During these years, I developed a wide range of skills and great appreciation for a safe workplace.

As the years went by, I was missing Dunedin and I had met my wife. In 2015, we decided to move to Dunedin where I started my own building company, Kennedy Building Ltd. Running my own company is very busy but incredibly rewarding. I am proud to provide my clients with high-quality homes that exceed standards and expectations as well as a personalised and friendly approach.

A work-life balance is important to us. In our spare time, we enjoy time with friends and family or I get out for a fly to keep my hand in.

Core Values

Enthusiasm and Passion

Our team is enthusiastic and passionate about what they do, and it shows in all of our projects.


We are Licensed Building Practitioners and an affiliate of the Master Builders Association. You can stay assured that our work will be of the highest quality and standards.

Solution Based Building

We work closely with you to provide you with a building solution that meets your family needs and requirements.


We treat you, your home and everyone else involved in the project with the utmost respect.

Open Communication

We believe that transparent communication is crucial for you to have a positive experience and a very enjoyable journey towards your dream home.


​Whether you are considering building a new home or renovating your existing one, there are some important things to keep in mind.
We have compiled this free guide with you in mind, so that you can start your journey towards your new or renovated home with more knowledge and a more relaxed approach.